Welcome to Conservas Islas Cíes

Thanks to our modern factory, our advanced processing and manufacturing methods and the excellent Norwegian farmed fish we count on, Conservas Islas Cíes offers a wide variety of top-quality products. Our eight brands of preserved and fresh food are adapted to any costumer's need.

Canned fish / Tinned fish / Anchovies and Fresh Fish Manufacturer

Smocked: Smocked Salmon, Smocked Trout, Smocked Cod, Smocked Tuna; Delicatessen: Caviar, Red King Crab, Cantabrian anchovies; Fresh fish; Frozen fish and Ready to Eat dishes.

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CSR Corporate Social Responsibility

Environment and Quality Products

We work to offer our customers a top-quality product, from an excellent and selected raw fish carefully chosen from different origins worldwide. Our products are manufactured through an efficient process and always respectful with the environment.

The elaboration of our five different ranges of products is shared among our two factories based in the North of Spain, not so far from the Bay of Biscay-Cantabrian seashore. We are committed with a system that aims for Total Quality and that is the reason why we have renewed this year our International Quality Certificates: FDA, IFS and MSC.

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